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Self-Actualization: Optimizing personal potential, existential questions, acceptance of oneself, search for direction, meaning and goals. 

Each of us must walk his or her own path, and along the way define ourselves, and discover our own philosophy of life. I find it exceedingly gratifying to work with others on this journey.

As would-be guide rather than armchair philosopher, I have mapped out my own soul searching, and bound the chart between book covers.


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Current Availability

By Appointment

We currently have appointments open with Dr. Muse in our Woodstock, Virginia office, and with Gloria Frigola at our Bethesda office.


A Note on Fees


We strongly recommend that you contact your insurance before the initial evaluation to guarantee that your treatment is covered. Dr. Muse currently accepts Anthem insurance, whereas Gloria Frigola is accepting no insurance; nonetheless, we provide the documentation that you later turn into your insurer for reimbursement, if you have such coverage. For out-of-network or self-pay arrangements, we request payment at the time that service is rendered.

Our current fees are $200 for individual therapy with Dr. Muse, and $160 for individual or couple therapy with Ms. Frigola.



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