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Family Issues: Marital reconciliation, separation/divorce mediation and/or adjustment, grief counseling. 

   Families, whether a couple or a multigenerational household, are complex critters. The provider working with a family-as-client represents the concerns of all, while advocating for each individual. This requires that the provider have a feel for the family as a system, and is aware of the dynamics between members, while maintaining a sense of each person’s individuality.

   At times, an individual member, rather than the whole family, seeks counseling for orientation and guidance in dealing with family issues. In such a case the provider does not represent the entire family, but rather he or she represents the individual who is the identified client. That does not mean that the provider is insensitive to the impact on other family members of decisions made by the client, but the primary focus is on the adjustment of the person present in therapy.

   Whether family issues are approached with one member in therapy or with several members of the family is determined by the clients. The professional adjust to this decision, providing opportunity to analyze options, and implement changes where desired.




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We currently have appointments open with Dr. Muse and Gloria Frigola, MA at our Woodstock, Virginia office.


A Note on Fees


We strongly recommend that you contact your insurance before the initial evaluation to guarantee that your treatment is covered. Dr. Muse currently accepts Anthem insurance, whereas Gloria Frigola is accepting Optium and CIGNA For self-pay/out-of-network, we provide the documentation that you later turn into your insurer for reimbursement, if you have such coverage. For out-of-network or self-pay arrangements, we request payment at the time that service is rendered.

Our current fees are $180 for individual therapy with Dr. Muse, and $140 for individual or couple therapy with Ms. Frigola.



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